NCCER 2019

The skills and strategies portion will advance responders’ compassion, awareness, and skills via workshops on active listening, crisis intervention, and responding to specific populations (ex. LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, international students). The second portion will provide delegates with potential avenues to apply their response skills in the real world, with presentations from professionals in diverse fields. In addition to presenting these ideas to responders, we want them to have the opportunity to apply them as well. We aim to incorporate the topics learned, discussed, and practiced in the workshops into the competition sits and MCI, allowing responders to use their new knowledge.

Why McGill

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, McGill University offers a prime location in one of Canada’s most lively and culturally-rich cities. With numerous hotels, restaurants, bars, and other social venues within walking distance from our campus, McGill provides an excellent venue for convenience and environmental sustainability for NCCER 2019. Moreover, being in a large city, we are able to seek collaboration with many resources and speakers locally.

With over 60 dedicated members on the team, MSERT has many volunteers willing to help facilitate the organization and realization of a successful NCCER conference.